Suntrust Bank
Oxford, NC

Suntrust Bank - Oxford Main Street Branch 470 Oxford,NC. branch information.
Oxford Main Street Branch 470
Address 140 West Main Street-NC
Branch Number 1681
Metropolitan Statistical Area
Branch Establishment 1968-11-29
FDIC Certificate 867

Branch location Map

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Other Banks in Oxford,NC
Bank Name and Branches
Branch Banking And Trust Company
Branch Banking And Trust Company has 1 Branch in Oxford-NC
Capital Bank, National Association
Capital Bank, National Association has 1 Branch in Oxford-NC
Pnc Bank, National Association
Pnc Bank, National Association has 1 Branch in Oxford-NC
The Fidelity Bank
The Fidelity Bank has 1 Branch in Oxford-NC
Union Bank & Trust Company
Union Bank & Trust Company has 1 Branch in Oxford-NC

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