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Anguilla Cary Mayersville Rolling Fork
Other Banks from MS State
Top Banks by Number of Branches from MS
Regions Bank [139 ] Trustmark National Bank [134 ]
Bancorpsouth Bank [101 ] Renasant Bank [70 ]
Bankplus [60 ] Whitney Bank [39 ]
The Citizens National Bank Of Meridian [29 ] Woodforest National Bank [26 ]
The Citizens Bank Of Philadelphia, Mississippi [23 ] State Bank & Trust Company [20 ]
The Peoples Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi [19 ] Southern Bancorp Bank [18 ]
First Security Bank [17 ] The First, A National Banking Association [17 ]
First State Bank [17 ] Cb&S Bank, Inc. [15 ]
Guaranty Bank And Trust Company [15 ] Priorityone Bank [14 ]
Planters Bank & Trust Company [13 ] Great Southern Bank [13 ]

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