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Bank Address Zip Routing Number
TCF NATIONAL BANK MAIL CODE 001-17-J 55402 011975221
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 011100106
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021101108
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021200025
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021200096
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021200559
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021200986
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021201011
WELLS FARGO BANK MAC N9301-041 55479 021202175

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